who am I
Photo: Sander Sildoja



Amanda Wilhelmina Kanervo
Roihuvuori, Helsinki

Dog-nephew Elmo (13.06.2010-22.2.2019)
Cats: May, Mew (17.06.2007-13.04.2018), Lili, Pulle, Sira, Blanca
Dogs: Nata (12.12.2009-21.09.2012), Vilma

what I like

Music, The Beatles, tattoos, drawing, nature/forest/sea, animals, coffee, documentaries,
walking around aimlessly


what I like to do

Photorealism, Surrealism, Black&White, Contrasts,
Darkness, Portraits, People, Animals

digital Art

Wacom Intuos Pro drawing tablet, Photoshop

traditional art

Pencil, Ballpoint pen, Charcoal, Watercolours


I'm Amanda Kanervo, self-taught drawing artist and a student.
I have done and tried a lot of different paths, but my deepest passion has always been drawing, and that's the thing I always get back into.

My favorite subjects to draw are animals and portraits of people.
I mostly draw black and white, photorealistic pictures. I create art for commission and for my own joy.

I have drawn since a little kid, starting from drawing only animals (mostly dogs) and landscapes, to later becoming interested in learning to draw people.
For years I created only traditional art, mostly pencil- and ballpoint pen drawings.
Then couple years ago, I got my first drawing tablet and started creating digital art.
My drawing technique, when creating digital art, is more similar to painting than regular drawing.
I hardly use any other colours than black and white.
I create different shades of grey by adding black and/or white layers on top of the previous layers.
I avoid of using lines, preferring to concentrate on shadings and highlights.
In my works I like to play with contrasts, I tend to make my portraits look dark.
I'm obsessed with details, and could work doing them for hours.

I would like to combine surrealistic and photorealistic styles together in my future works.
Also learning to create more minimalistic and simple drawings is in my TO LEARN-list.
Continuous learning and progress is the reason I really keep enjoying of drawing. For me, drawing is a way to express things that can't be explained, it's my way to relax.

In addition to drawing,
I'm really into creating and improving creativity in various ways.


single exhibitions


Alibi's Hall of Fame, Õllebaar ALIBI, Pärnu, Estonia

NOSTE-Klubi Vol.1, LeBonk, Helsinki, Finland

group exhibitions


No Reason No Because -Suomiräpin suuret sanojat, Tiketti Galleria, Helsinki, Finland

The Art of Basware, Clarion Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, Finland


No Reason No Because -Suomiräpin suuret sanojat, Asbestos Art Space, Helsinki Finland


Herman Verbeke, Neil Young : ART of GOLD - book
Nälkä 2/2017 Hätä-Miikka portrait


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